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Top Tips for Wonderful Wedding Photography in India

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Weddings are wonderful and memorable moments. A wedding is an important milestone in the lives of the newlyweds and is treasured all the above. Tens of thousands of soon-to-wed couples and their families search for the top wedding photographers in India every day. If you are about to get married and wish to capture the beautiful moments in perfect frames, here’s the complete guide on wedding photography India:

  • Top trends of wedding photography in India
  • How to select the best wedding photographers in India
  • List of top 5 Indian wedding photographers
  • Estimated wedding photography cost

Trends of Wedding Photography in India

Photography is incredibly dynamic and diverse. Wedding photography is one of its more versatile and flexible categories. Today, with innovative creativity, professional wedding photographers in India have introduced several immensely popular trends of wedding photography.

Here are the top trends of wedding photography in India for 2020:

1 – Candid Photography

Thanks to advancements in camera technology, today you don’t necessarily need a perfect shot by making the perfect pose which takes a long time. Momentous and instant photography, called candid photography, has been found to get incredibly amazing pictures as well. Candid photography is all about setting the focus on the subject perfectly and gives astonishing photographs.

2 – Drone Photography

The use of commercial drones has transverse from panorama pictures and outdoor clicks to include panning shots of the wedding and the newlyweds too. Drones allow an incredibly wide array of shots and angles that are impossible for normal handheld cameras. Today, drones are increasingly used for wedding photography and video shoots in India.

3 – Black & White Photography

Black and white photography has always been an option, despite color photographs being the norm. A black and white image looks amazing, especially when shot in the right ambiance and angle. Skilled photographers offer truly frame-worthy black and white wedding photography in India today.

4 – Filmy Photography

Filmy photography produces terrific pictures, when clicked with the right balance of attention to details and shadows. Filmy wedding photographs look just what they mean, they appear to have been captured off of old-school movie reels and have an attractive nostalgic look to them.

5 – Smoky Photography

Smoke bombs provide the quintessential haze that is so needed in taking fantastic pictures. Some of the best wedding photography in India today increasingly consists of pictures clicked with the smoke bomb. It is a safe and convenient way to capture the fairytale feeling of the bride and groom for the wedding.

How to select the best wedding photographers in India

Thanks to the common use of smartphones and ease of buying a DSLR camera, you can find numerous amateur photographers among your friends and family. However, it is very important to remember that photography is not simply a hobby but it is an extremely skilled art.

Only professional photographers can provide you with incredibly high-quality and perfect pictures. So, here are the tips on how to select the most talented, professional and best wedding photographers in India:

  1. Equipment – A professional photographer has to have complete photography equipment. Make sure that your wedding photographer has a DSLR or mirror-less camera along with a couple of back-up cameras. In addition, ensure that they have the essential accessories, such as tripods, lenses, etc. which are required for the best wedding photography in India.
  2. Experience – The second most important criteria to choose the best wedding photographers in India is to check their experience. As with art, photographers only get better with experience. Hence, a photographer who has been in the profession for longer will generally capture incredibly better pictures than an amateur photographer.
  3. Expertise – Expertise of photography means the level of skills and eye for photography that the cameraman has. Being artists, professional photographers tend to have special talents for specific types of photography. Professional wedding photographers in India are expert in their fields.

List of Top 5 Indian Wedding Photographers

Now that you trends in wedding photography and learnt how to select the best wedding photographers in India, let’s check out the list of top 5 India wedding photographers here:

1 – Photo Tantra – New Delhi

Photo Tantra has been popular for the best wedding photography soon after it was founded by skilled photographers Snigdha Sheel and Vinayak Das in 2009. With over 10 years of experience under their best, the photographer couple is renowned for their amazing candid wedding photography in India.

2 – Anand Rathi Reels and Films – Mumbai

Anand Rathi at Reels and Films in Mumbai is another incredibly talented and one of the best wedding photographers in India. The professional team of wedding photographers has been in the industry for over 6 years now and has delivered incredibly amazing wedding pictures to over 200 happily married couples till date.

3 – Sharik Verma Wedding Photography – New Delhi

Sharik Verma is ranked as one of the top and best wedding photographers in India, thanks to their location-centric wedding photography expertise. Despite being an independent photographer, Sharik Verma has garnered wide-spread fame as the only photographer to add a touch of his previous photojournalism background and produce incredibly detailed and story-telling pictures.

4 – Twogether – Gurgaon

The Twogether also ranks as one of the best wedding photographers in India. The extremely talented duo of Praerna and Arjun Kartha is extremely renowned for some of the most creative wedding photography in India. Operating since 2008, Twogether has an extensive experience spanning over 11 years and they only take a limited number of assignments every year to ensure top-quality wedding photographs for every client.

5 – Candid Shutters – Mumbai & Gurgaon

Candid Shutters is another multi-award winning and one of the best wedding photographers in India. The brainchild of Pranjal Kumar, it was borne out of the love for photography over 10 years ago. Candid Shutters is ideal for the best wedding photography in India, as it mixes the best of management skills and talent for photography.

Estimated Wedding Photography Cost

Estimated wedding photography cost can be as low as INR 20,000 to as high as INR 150,000 and more, according to your specific requirements.


Now that you know the aspects of the best wedding photographers you can easily contact them from our list of the best wedding photography in India.

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