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US Based Video Games That Made a Name in the World

Get ready because 2020 is going to shaping up to be a special year for video games.

Everyone has enjoyed playing at least one game in their life. Maybe its card games, video games, sports, board games, and more. Games have been a constant presence in our lives; we actively play or not. Some have played during their childhood, while some continued to enjoy gaming entertainment we provide.

Video Games: Builds Critical Thinking Skills

If you play games on a game console, on your computer, or you play any of your favorite Android games on your smartphone or tablet, you develop your critical thinking skills. You must decide which door opens that corridor to go down, and zombies you have time to stop and kill.

These critical thinking skills can help you in the real world. You’ll learn more about fight or flight. And, you’ll even learn more about why it’s sometimes necessary to think before you act, and why sometimes you have to work because there is no time to think.

Video Games: Develops Creativity

The creation of video games is an art form. That said the same as other art forms; playing video games can inspire creativity.

The game is sure to remain popular among children and adults who come in the future. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the Top 20 US-based video games:

Apex Legends

There’s little doubt that Apex Legends will go down as the most surprising release of 2019. Revealed just minutes before it was released, this team-based battle royal title came out of nowhere and took the world by storm.

The best part is that Apex Legends is a genuinely great game. Its fast-paced gameplay and brilliant team mechanics make it one of the most accessible, yet challenging battle royal titles on the market and one of the most entertaining multiplayer games of the modern era.

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We were starting to think that we’d never get another Battletoads game given that it’s been over 20 years since we’ve last received a new installment, but Rare is returning the franchise that most people remember as one of the most challenging games in the NES.

This new Battletoads might feature a slightly different art style and other modern improvements. Still, we fully expect it to be most familiar to fans that have been waiting years by another fighter cooperative of this beloved and undeniably strange series.

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Blair Witch

There have been Blair Witch games in the past, but it’s no stretch to say they haven’t exactly lived up to expectations. It would be more accurate to say that they’ve been flat out terrible.

Yet, there are reasons to be excited about Blair Witch. Not only does the original footage look incredible, but considering that this is being developed by the same studio that made Layers of Fear, we think this might be the Blair Witch game that captures the atmosphere and terror of the original film.

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Since its Kickstarter debut, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’s name has come second to that of its creator, Koji Igarashi. Many of you may remember Igarashi as the director of the revolutionary Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and his return with a game that is very much in the spirit of its classic Castlevania tiles was expected by genre fans for many years.

While we have some concerns regarding the possibility that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night ends up being the next Mighty No. 9, the quality of this team’s side project – the 2D action/adventure title Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon – leads us to believe that these guys know what makes this genre tick and may be prepared to deliver something special.

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Borderlands 3

After years of waiting, the Borderlands series has finally returned. While many suspected that new Borderlands might take the form of an online multiplayer loot shooter, it appears that Borderlands 3 will indeed be a proper Borderlands experience.

That means a dark sense of humor, a ton of guns, beautiful cel-shaded graphics, single-player and multiplayer options, and hours upon hours of looting. We’ll see if Borderlands 3 has what it takes to reclaim the loot shooter crown in this new world, but we think that it will reign supreme.

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Cadence of Hyrule

The cadence of Hyrule’s Zelda aesthetics looks to be more substantial than mere looks, but even if it wasn’t, this marks a fantastic chance for those who never played Crypt of the Necrodancer to give that excellent formula a shot.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty has needed a fresh start for quite some time. While recent games in the series have been relatively healthy, it’s been quite some time since we’ve played a Call of Duty game that felt like it was on the level of Call of

Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

While the letter of release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might not do the trick automatically, there is a reason to be excited about this software reboot of the franchise Modern Warfare.

Crackdown 3

It has been almost eight years since we have heard the last round of Crackdown. There was a time when the hidden gem of the Microsoft open-world title provided a breath of fresh air to the sub-genre. His wacky, superhero gameplay as players offered the chance to just let loose in a metro setting.

Crackdown 3 doesn’t make quite the same impression as to its predecessors, unfortunately, as it holds on to an era of game design that’s long past with the Xbox 360. Still, if you’re looking for a game to blow things up in, Crackdown 3 can be a lot of fun.

Code Vein

In a world without Dark Souls and Bloodborne, the time is now for an outsider to ascend the throne and rule the kingdom that From Software’s titles helped establish. To that end, Code Vein may just become the next big game in this genre.

Code Vein is easily described as “Anime Dark Souls.” It is an over-the-top action-RPG that focuses on a complex combat system, built the character, and difficulty sometimes punish. It also sometimes added over-the-top style that is a far cry from soft tones and atmosphere of Dark Souls dark but might be enough to help put the over-the-top play.


Developer Remedy Entertainment remains one of the most exciting developers in the game. What separates remedy is the individuality he brings to his projects. There has never been a game from Remedy pedestrian, even if some of these games have missed the mark in terms of their overall performance.

From what we’ve seen of Control, we have no doubts that it will be full of Remedy’s trademark personality. It’s a weird psychological action title with supernatural elements that looks wonderfully strange and exciting.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

This remake of the original Crash Team Racing has a daunting task ahead of it. Somehow, it must please fans of the initial surprise hit while winning over a generation that recently experienced the brilliant Mario Kart 8.

Yet, we’re optimistic the studio can pull it off. CTR has retained its popularity over the years because it’s a genuinely excellent racing game. Modes and fascinating new mechanical fantastic help the game stand out from the serious competition.

Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders 3 didn’t exactly live up to expectations, but the core of the series remains as strong as ever. Perhaps that’s why Genesis is retaining all of that while changing a few things.

Genesis is effectively Darksiders by way of Diablo. This action-RPG supports co-op gameplay, character building, and a whole lot of hacking and slashing in the Darksiders universe.

Days Gone

Days Gone series have finally arrived after several delays. The star of this game is genuinely hostile open-world environments, which feature all manner of monsters and men trying to end the main character Deacon St. John’s already troubled existence.

Dead or Alive 6

The Dead or Alive series has long existed on this plane’s strange popularity and respect. It goes back to the brilliant Dead or Alive 2, the franchise has been seen as an amusing, sometimes excellent, sometimes careless, and usually beautiful experience.

Dead or Alive 6 is a little more grown-up and slightly more complicated, but it still retains many of the critical elements that have kept fans devoted to the Dead or Alive series for all these years.

Death Stranding

There are times when it feels like Death Stranding is more about Hideo Kojima than it is about the game itself, but that’s the point. Following the infamous breakup between Konami and Kojima, everyone wants to see what he’ll come up with next.

Well, Death Stranding is certainly shaping up to be a decent Kojima game. This weird tale about a splintered America at the end of the world features high-profile voice actors, directors, and a surprising amount of babies.

Devil May Cry 5

The Devil May Cry series is generally regarded as one of the godfathers of the 3D action genre, but it’s been quite some time since we’ve gotten a new game from the franchise. Even Ninja Theory’s brilliant re-imagining of the Devil May Cry concept wasn’t enough to satisfy the series’ hardcore fans.

Devil May Cry 5 marks the franchise’s return to Capcom and a return to form for a series known for its brutal difficulty and absurd cinematic set-pieces. The action genre has evolved quite a bit since Capcom last delivered a proper Devil May Cry game, but this new sequel will make fans of the classic series and modern action games very happy indeed.

Doom Eternal

Few people expected much from 2016’s Doom, but it ended up being one of the year’s best games. Expectations are quite high for the sequel.

It looks like Eternal is going to meet all those expectations by giving us more of what we want from modern-day Doom. That means more absurdity, more guns, more action, more significant levels, and more intimidating enemies.

Far Cry: New Dawn

The Far Cry series has taken us to exotic jungles, war-torn nations, and rural America, but Far Cry: New Dawn moves the series in a completely different direction by giving us a view of what the end of the Far Cry world looks like. In New Dawn, you must navigate what remains of Far Cry 5’s society following a nuclear event.

New Dawn has the familiar suite of the Far Cry game. The hook here is the game’s fascinating premise and the way it has affected so many things in this world. New Dawn is a cruel and formidable Far Cry game that delivers on its post-apocalyptic premise.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

For years, the Fire Emblem series has occupied an odd corner of the Nintendo lineup. This strategy series has always been popular amongst those who play it, but it’s sometimes fallen short of really breaking into the mainstream.

Three Houses for the Nintendo Switch could change all of that. This beautiful game features Fire Emblem’s classic strategy gameplay but adds some fantastic visuals, an expanded world, and a much more in-depth story. It could very well prove to be the Fire Emblem game that turns those who have always been curious about the franchise into fans.

Gears 5

Gear 5 looks to continue the progress of the previous title, focusing on a much more intimate story about a group of soldiers trying to complete a mission of revenge and redemption.

This game will likely be one of the Xbox One’s final major exclusives, and it could embody the same hope for the future that Microsoft and the Xbox brand have.


The final reason why playing video games can be right for you is that you are just plain fun. They are entertaining and keep your mind working in a way that simply watching television may not provide you.

Have Fun and Enjoy Playing Games!!!

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