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How to Expand Punjab Textile Business with Digital Marketing?

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Punjab is becoming one of the fastest-growing industrial states in India. Although the state has been traditionally knowing for its agricultural industry, the textile industry has become a major contributor to its economy today. If you are an owner of such a business then you must wonder to know about digital marketing for textile industry

Apart from concentrating on improving your operations, choosing to hire a renowned agency for online marketing for clothing business can help to expand and grow your textile enterprise to new heights of success. In this article, we have outlined the highlights of Punjab’s textile industry, provided the best strategies for textile digital marketing, explained why you should invest in online marketing, and the best way to get effective digital marketing services for textile business in Punjab.

Textile Industry in Punjab

The textile industry in Punjab is truly immense. According to the Punjab State Government’s official industries website, the state is the 2nd largest producer of blended and cotton yarn in India. Ludhiana, one of the major cities in Punjab, is also referred to as the Manchester of India for its immense clusters of textile industries in north India. The state is also a significant exporter of hosiery products, spinning fabric, and apparel. The state is steadily becoming the largest textile manufacturer in the country, thanks to the availability of raw resources and a strong spinning capacity.

The Punjab government is focused on promoting the garment industry, including providing incentives to boost traditional handicrafts. These, and many similar reasons, have enabled Punjab to emerge as one of the fastest-growing and largest textile industry.

However, with a growing industry comes increasing competition. Your textile business needs to have unique selling points that make your enterprise or brand different and better than others. For this, experts recommend using the immense potential of online marketing in the clothing market online.

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Best Strategies to Grow Textile Business

The internet has become seeped in our daily lives to a great extent. Tens of millions of consumers today choose to visit online stores for their shopping needs. Hence, small and large traditional businesses need to tap this incredibly large and high potential consumer market.

Our marketing and trade experts recommend several plans that can help expand your clothing business. Some of the best strategies to grow the textile business in Punjab are:

1 – Search Engine Optimization

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, helps to rank your website at the top of the search result’s page on popular online search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, etc. Highly-trained SEO experts are well skilled in centering their SEO strategies around content marketing, which is the base of online and conventional marketing.

2 – Paid Ads online

Google AdWords is a perfect example of an effective and focused online marketing strategy. These simple text-based advertisements are displayed on the user’s search result page according to their previous search history. This makes the ads more relevant and focused on potential consumers.

3 – Social Media Marketing

Another excellent online strategy to grow clothing business is the use of advanced and effective social media marketing methods. This offers an incredibly flexible and versatile advertising option for online marketing on social media websites, including Twitter, Facebook, etc.

4 – Email Marketing

 Marketing using bulk emails has long proven to be effective in promoting your product and keeping consumers engaged. This is a cost-efficient online marketing method to tap the highly potent clothing marketing online.

5 – Mobile App Development

In an age when smartphones have become extremely prevalent, expert digital marketing companies also provide mobile app design and development services. A mobile app for your textile business will help to keep consumers updated with the latest products and help to keep a constant connection between your business and customers.

6 – Branding:

Branding is everything in today’s incredibly competitive market. Leading digital marketers in Punjab offer exceptionally effective branding services, which include designing and developing company logos, packaging, branding paraphernalia, and online promotion.

Why should you invest in Digital Marketing?

Investing in digital marketing for the textile industries has become especially essential since the competition has grown multifold in the past few years. Research studies have shown the great Return On Investment (ROI) that investing in digital marketing has gained for textile enterprises in Punjab.

Here are the top reasons that answer the question of why should you invest in digital marketing for clothing business:

1 – Investing in improved SEO

When you choose to hire digital marketing experts in Punjab to improve the performance of your business website on search engine pages through SEO you not only succeed in achieving and maintaining a higher rank on the result list but also increase the flow of organic traffic and provide a better user experience.

2 – Investment in better Content Marketing

An expert content marketing agency uses keyword optimization, link building, and lead generation to improve your marketing plans online.

3 – Investing in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing experts can provide excellent and effective promotions, brand awareness, and reviews of your products. This helps in better consumer engagement and results in increased sales too.

How to get digital marketing services for textile business in Punjab?

Now that you know the importance and feasibility of hiring digital marketing for clothing business, let’s take a look at how to get digital marketing services for textile business in Punjab.

  1. Online search – A simple Google search can show you the list of the best digital marketing service providers in Punjab.
  2. Referral – You can consult with other enterprise owners in your industry to find out the best online marketing services for textile digital marketing in Punjab
  3. Reviews – You can even check the testimonials and reviews provided by clients for top digital marketing service providers in Punjab and choose the best-suited ones.


It is incredibly important to stay a step ahead of the intense competition in the textile industry of Punjab. Hence, you need to select the agency which has sufficient experience and skills to handle your online marketing requirements.

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