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How To Grow Traffic & DA Ranking Without Backlinks?

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Hey, are you are still wondering over thousands of links about how to get backlinks to grow traffic and domain authority? I am here to suggest you some best SEO tips and tricks to grow traffic and increase DA ranking without backlinks.

Yes without Backlinks! Surprised? 

When I realized this, I had wondered too. But when I follow these simple SEO tricks, I tremendously got a good ranking of my blog and start getting good traffic.

Many blogs or websites’ owners don’t like to spend too much time in getting backlinks. For them, I suggest only focus to get high-quality backlinks. Rest you should pay great effort on quality content, less competitive keywords, a catchy Title (55 characters), and informational Meta Description (160 Characters).

Below are the best SEO tips for beginners and experts wich can make your website or blog popular on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Keywords Research:

Keywords Research can be considered as a first step to get started your website push higher on the search engines. Many free SEO keyword search tools are available, for example, Ubersuggest. Just type to category keyword, you will thousands of keywords suggestions. But select only low competitive keywords to rank your website higher and faster way.

If you choose keywords having no searches, that will also not the right selection. Because no one searches those keywords that you wish to get your website ranked.  It’s no doubt your website would be raked easily, but still you will not get traffic as nobody search those keywords.

So, only choose, low search volume keywords exactly related to your post or page content.

Title & Meta Description: 

Once you select the high-quality keywords, the next is to focus on the title and meta description. It’s very common to all that keywords should be thereon. But needful is to keep changing your title and meta description ever 7 days interval. Also, don’t forget to use keywords there. 

This is the best SEO strategy to keep pushing your website higher and higher day by day. People will look at your website at the top 5 search results and get engaged with your blog post. Also, in the Google point of view, your website or blog will be awarded as people will be consistently showing their interest to go through your blog post and pages.

Content with Good Readability Score

Content is the king, a fact that is not a secret for now. Everyone tries to write and publish good quality articles. Use Grammarly Tool to check and remove grammatical errors. You can also boost the readability score. Also, use 2-3% keyword density within the content. 

Don’t repeat the same keyword again and again instead you can use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords to best describe your words. 

Keep Sharing On Social Network:

Be social and keep sharing your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Flipboard, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. It doesn’t matter how earlier have you posted, but sharing posts will turn into lots of traffic and conversions. 

Search engines like those websites which are consistently active on social media platforms. This way you can magnetize high-quality organic traffic to your website or blog posts. You can also help others to answer their queries in online forums like Quora. leave your blog or website link as a reference at the bottom of your answer.

Ping Submission:

Lots of ping submission sites are available to make your URLs easily indexed on several search engines. You don’t need to submit your link one by one. 

These ping submission sites can submit your website/blog links into thousands of other sites at a time. You just need to wait and watch until all submissions are done successfully. This way you can get higher ranking and faster indexing as well.


Above these SEO tips and tricks can bless your website with higher DA ranking, popularity and high-quality organic traffic in less time schedule. So, congrats, now you know the secret of how to get website authority, traffic, and ranking without backlinks.

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