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Dr.B.Vijay Kiran: A reputable Kidney doctor in Hyderabad


Nephrology is the science of kidney illness. Nephrology usually focusses on the treatment of chronic kidney illness. Kidneys are essential for numerous human body functions. Examples are regulating electrolytes and high blood pressure. Dr.B.Vijay Kiran, A kidney Doctor in Hyderabad is a specialist in the treatment of chronic kidney illness. They are also specialists in the management of electrolyte disorders and uncontrollable hypertension.

Below are some things to do to prevent and treat kidney illness.

The two kidney numbers

People’s kidney numbers consist of a couple of tests, namely, ACR and GFR. GFR measures kidney function, and a blood test must be done for it. The GFR is going to establish the stage of kidney illness a person has. The urine test ACR determines the amount of albumin in the urine of a person. Excessive albumin in a person’s urine is an early indication of kidney damage.

Getting blood pressure checked

Given that high blood pressure could damage the kidneys, it’s vital to get blood pressure checked. People must know the numbers regarded as acceptable for their condition. They should consult their health care specialists to take measures for keeping them within that range.

Consulting a GP regarding medications and imaging tests

The kidneys filter numerous prescription and OTC medications. Normal kidneys get rid of medicines from the human body. When the kidneys of a person aren’t functioning properly, medications could amass and cause him harm. A person must inform his healthcare providers if he has kidney disease. His doctors will review all medicines he’s having. His healthcare providers could require altering his medications to ensure that they’re safe for his kidneys and thwart further kidney damage.

People who undergo imaging (CT, angiograms, and MRI) are exposed to intravenous contrast dyes and are at risk of kidney damage. They must consult their kidney doctor in Hyderabad before planning any of these tests.

Consulting a dietitian

Having a correct diet is vital for individuals in any stage of kidney illness. The kidney diet is highly personalized. People must schedule a consultation with a Kidney Doctor in Hyderabad, who is a renal dietitian to get his personalized diet plan. A consultation with a Kidney doctor in Hyderabad who is a renal dietitian associated with a big hospital would be good.  Such hospitals may have associations with insurance providers that cover dietitian services for people with eGFR below 50 and diabetics.

Planning to visit a kidney specialist

Numerous connoisseurs agree that a person must consult the Best Nephrologist in Hyderabad when his eGFR is below 30.

Understanding the kidney-heart association

The heart and kidney are associated. Why? Kidney illness can cause heart illness and vice versa. A person who has a kidney disease diagnosis should ask his clinician what’s to be done to lower the possibility of heart disease. He should also ask the treatment if he already has it.

People must get their blood cholesterol checked regularly.

Quit smoking

Smoking doesn’t just cause lung cancer and lung illness. Did you know that it’s linked with kidney illness, bladder cancer, and kidney cancer? Smoking slows down blood flow to the main organs, including the kidneys, resulting in damage. Smoking will accelerate any disease that a person may. Smoking can worsen kidney disease in people.

Treatment for kidney failure

People in stage 4/5 of kidney illness should ask their kidney doctor regarding the various treatments for kidney failure. The options are transplant and dialysis. Different types of Kidney dialysis treatment Hyderabad are available, and there is many reputable kidney transplant specialist Hyderabad.

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