England Vs New Zealand Scoreboard

New Zealand Vs England Will not be a Part of ICC World Test Championship. Why?

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I hope you have enjoyed the win of New Zealand on the final day of the final session fought against England. But here is the news that will raise your eyebrows. But, before you jump up and down, let us explain the format of ICC Test Cricket Scheduling.

England Vs New Zealand Scoreboard

The ICC World Test Championship on November 25, has introduced a big change in the ICC Test schedule. Each Country would play six series. Three of the series would play at home and the next three are to be played away. This is the reason why the last Test series NZ Vs ENG will not be part of the ICC World Test Championship. Had it been the part, England would have played one extra away series.

Virat Kohli, after the win of a Test match against Bangladesh, said, “We are playing very good cricket but we have played only two tests away.” A more balanced format would be one series at home and one away, Virat Kohli added at Eden Garden Stadium. However, New Zealand Vs England was just another test series but it wouldn’t impact the result bearing on the points table.

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